Sweet Embrace

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two

via Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two.

I was standing there not wanting to let go.

It was our time to go.  She had to go home and I had to go back to work. We’d just spent the week together, hand in hand seeing the sights. We’d walked down the streets, large  and small. Occasionally we’d duck into a little shop to see its offerings. She found some very neat items to photograph. There were items she thought would be neat to get for a project she had brewing in her head. I don’t have the vision or imagination she has to see the pictures she has envisioned taking. I’ve taken a few classes on photography. These classes used 35mm cameras as well as the 110, and 126 formats also. The principle being that any camera can capture a great shot when all the elements are properly composed. I also learned how to develop the film and make prints. Even with this formal education under my belt, I can not keep up with her. She is a self-taught amazing photographer. While I don’t understand sometimes why it takes her minutes of standing in front of one subject before she finally takes the picture, the end results are magnificent. I, on the other hand, would point, aim and shoot. I would return with several good shots. By comparison, I would take the picture and it would show the facts of the scene, where as she can take a picture of the same scene and capture the beauty, and emotion of it. We spent a good portion of one day just looking for interesting things to capture. I won’t see these until after she returns home, digitally develops them and weeds out the ones she doesn’t like. She’ll then post them to one or more of her favorite locations to show off the beauty of her pictures. On my next visit, I’ll get to  see the full resolution pictures of what I’ve seen on the web. Some I have to stop and look at for a minute or two. Amazed at what she saw through the viewfinder. I was there, yet, I didn’t see it in this way at all.

A few times a day we’d find a small cafe and sit drinking or eating a little bit while we rested our feet. Hours were spent in a cafe talking about everything and nothing. We’d discuss the day’s itinerary, items of interest we saw. Whisper sweet nothings to each other. Sometimes we would simply sit in silence holding each other’s hand. I am amazed at how she can make my heart leap with just a small smile directed at me. The twinkle of her beautiful hazel eyes. The occasional squeeze of the hand, our simple form of a hug when an actual hug isn’t possible at the moment. Sitting watching the traffic on foot and in cars go by. Enjoying each others company; enjoying the time we have to spend together. I know I wouldn’t want to spend this time with anyone else.

One day we spent combing the town for geocaches. I am always in awe to see the number of caches within a short distance of where we’re at. No matter where we’re at. Even deep in the country you can find one or within a short drive away. Some of the ones we found were large enough to store little trinkets for trade. In these we’d leave a set of dice or a plastic gold coin and remove one thing from the cache. We’d pick something unique if it seemed appropriate for our mood, or just collect an item that would work for us. All the caches have a log of some sort to sign-in to chronicalling who had been there and found it. There are some caches that were part of a chain, find all of them for bragging rights. Others were more of a multi-stop treasure hunt or mystery.  Only the first spot was listed, but once found gave you a clue to the next location and an addition piece if information you’d need to solve the overall puzzle. One trek we’d made this day included one of these chained caches, titled Magical Creatures. The hiding spots for these items were in the vicinity of stores with creature names, like Warehouse Giant. Ultimately leading to the final location where an email address was found. Emailing to this address would log you as completing the quest. We had fun doing this and got us to different parts of town we’d never have thought of going to left to our own devices.

We spent evenings and into the night along the water’s edge, holding each other close. Dancing to music in our heads or something we heard carried on the wind. Ending up at her apartment for the night. Dinners were sometimes catered affairs, using smart phone applications to order pizza. Other nights we’d go out and enjoy a nice dinner side by side.  We do not sit across the table from one another under normal circumstances. It’s the closeness to each other we enjoy. To be able to sit with my arm around her, hold hands, or sit with her arm wrapped around mine and her head on my shoulder.

I am blessed to have her in my life. This is not a secret, I tell her nearly everyday. She is the light and love of my life. I have experienced what life has to offer and this is all I want. I want to spend the rest of my life trying to give her a fraction of the love and happiness she has given me.

Here we are, one final embrace before we go back to our lives separate. Her scent makes my knees weak and pulse quicken, one last kiss one last embrace then I must go. But I don’t want to go.  I can’t let go. Even if I could she’s not relinquishing her embrace either.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Embrace

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